October 24, 2016


Alias is present for the first time at Orgatec, the renowned international trade fair dedicated to the working environment, whose theme, for the forthcoming 2016 edition to be held in Köln from 25 to 29 October, is “NEW VISIONS OF WORK”.

In pavilion 9, in a display area extending over 240 m2 (stand C061-B060), Alias, the historic company of “Made-in-Italy design” will unveil its new collections for the office environment, embodying an innovative interpretation of the workplace in today’s world.

Alias views its presence at Orgatec as part of an ambitious development plan encompassing its products, its communications and sales network, with a focus on having the brand on display at major international trade shows.

To face up to this challenge, Alias is launching four new collections of products styled by top-notch designers, original products that come to flank the historic line-up.

Having a team that includes designers like Alberto Meda and Michele De Lucchi has enabled Alias to attain a leading position in the field of design, and now that the team has been joined by PearsonLloyd, Alfredo Häberli and Oki Sato from Nendo, Alias can offer an even more concrete range of solutions tailor-made for the requirements of present-day office work.

At Orgatec, with its unique capacity to develop innovative design ideas, Alias proposes products that are both lightweight and extremely sturdy and take full advantage of the technological properties of the materials used; the Bergamo-based company displays products specially designed for the office environment, reflecting the company’s undivided attention to the requirements of the workplace, the interaction with people and their wellbeing, and the latest technological developments.

The Alias office takes shape in the exhibition space. The collections on display at Orgatec, characterised by reduced thickness, carefully designed details, generous use of high-tech materials, express the brand’s approach to the world of work: versatility, lightness, interaction.

The new product families are equally at home in the private dimension of the home office, plush management offices, meeting rooms and open-plan workplaces, creating an atmosphere that is full of light and lightness, in a perfect balance of comfort, functional versatility and efficiency.

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