April 4, 2016

RED DOT Award: Product Design 2016

The winners will receive their awards from the international jury of the 2016 edition at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, on Monday 4 July.

Essen, 30 March 2016. The international jury of the Red Dot Award assigned the title "Red Dot: Best of the Best" for quality and design innovation to the kayak chair by Patrick Norguet, while the “Red Dot“ award for high quality design went to twig 4, the chair designed for Alias by design studio Nendo.

The prestigious recognition was assigned to the historic brand of Italian design by an international jury composed of free-lance designers, design professors and specialist journalists.

The award giving ceremony will take place at the Aalto Theatre in Essen.

“It is a great honour for us to be awarded these titles which take on special significance at this stage in the life of our company. Alias, in fact, has now regained its full independence. We have been focusing on strengthening our roots, which reach deep into the soil of authentic Italian design. The RED DOT awards assigned to these two recent products tell us that we are well on track to our goals, that we have solid design skills and can do well, also and especially through research and well-tested collaborations with outstanding talents such as Patrick Norguet and Oki Sato”, says Alias Managing Director, architect Renato Stauffacher .

Wood is the leitmotif of kayak, a chair developed by means of traditional technologies to create a project of great elegance and comfort. 

A product of technical complexity, it offers a body-hugging seat, remarkable good looks and equally good stability. 

The challenge confronting the French designer was to reduce the thicknesses of the chair as much as possible without compromising its physical resistance. 

So, the assembled legs, frame and shell create an impression of extreme lightness from a formal viewpoint. 

The concept of twig is a seat with an aluminium base of generous proportions and legs that slant at a pleasing and dynamic angle. These aluminium tubes change material and become wood, in an organic connection with the armrests, also made of wood.

The most striking in terms of shape is the twig 4, where the design of the backrest is interrupted in a clean and graphic manner, like much of the Japanese designer’s work;  the result is a piece of design which is both iconic yet bewildering.

The twig 4 takes its place in the Alias catalogue in a coherent and natural way, creating a pleasant blend between the sensitivity of the Japanese designer Nendo and the technological interpretation Alias makes his designs of.

Thus, for their design quality, kayak and twig 4 receive one of the most important recognitions on the world scene, an award that aims to honour designers and manufacturers of exceptional quality products. Since 1955 the RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS has been presented during a ceremony held annually  at the  Red Dot Museum in Zollverein, Essen.

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